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    Ningbo Rocking Group Co.,Ltd.
    Ningbo Rocking Import & Export Co.,Ltd.
    Professional manufacturer of Aluminum Composite Panel, Coated Aluminum coil, Solid Aluminum Sheet...

    Contact Us

    Ningbo Rocking Group Co.,Ltd.
    Ningbo Rocking Import & Export Co.,Ltd.

    Group Add: No.
    168 Canghai Road, Hi-tech Industry Zone, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, China.

    Head office Add: Office 401, west building of technical trade center, No.100 xiangyun road,hi-tech district,ningbo, china


    Tel: 86-0574-87162491
    Fax: 86-0574-87162492
    Web: www.shqinyi88.com
    E-mail: sales@rockinggroup.com


    Welcome to
    Ningbo Rocking Group Co.,Ltd.
    Ningbo Rocking Import & Export Co.,Ltd.

    Ningbo Rocking Group is a diversified group company integrating industry,trading, investment and service, with total registered capital of over RMB 80 million, It lies in Ningbo city, Zhejiang Province. Group has over 15 engineers, 30 technicians and more than 800 workers. There are more than 10 production lines of aluminum composite panels and full-automatic aluminum coating,With an annual production capacity of over 6,000,000 square meters, we have became one of the largest exporters and producers in china. More >>

    Hot Products
    • Wooden Aluminum Composite Panel We are a main wooden Aluminum Composite Panel manufacturer in China. Our timber aluminum composite panel is prefinished with a premium PVDF resin-based coil coating. Therefore...
    • Wellstone Aluminum Composite Panel Rocking Group is a main wellstone Aluminum Composite Panel manufacturer based in China. Our wellstone Aluminum Composite Panel consists of two corrosion resistant aluminum sheets...
    • Brush Finish Aluminum Composite Panel We are China main brushed Aluminum Composite Panel manufacturer. Our brushed aluminum composite panel consists of two corrosion resistant aluminum sheets and a polyethylene core layer...
    • Mirror Finish Aluminum Composite Panel Rocking Group is China professional mirror Aluminum Composite Panel manufacturer. The surface layer of mirror aluminum composite panel is mirror-like aluminum sheet. This panel has a variety of features..
    • PE Painted Aluminum Foil Coil Boiling point: no any distortion and color change (in the 99 ± 1 degree water, then cooling 2 hours)
      Corrosive: surface deeping in the 5% muriatic acid and 5% NaCL, interior deeing ...
    • PVDF Aluminum Foil Coil Thickness: 0.15mm-0.7mm
      Width: 900mm-1.570mm
      Color refer to our standard color catalogue, also can produce according to the customers requirement...
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